26 Dec 2023

A site to build small tools. [and test LLM Vulnerabilities.]

HN Comments Drawer
21 Nov 2023

Integrate Hacker News comments and display them beautifully within your websites.
20 Apr 2024

Fixes Broken JSONs.

14 Jun 2024

A test taken in 3 minutes.
21 Jan 2024

Advanced Filters for Youtube Channels.
10 Dec 2023

A freeBoard for the Game "Quoridor".

Source Code
08 Sep 2023

ColdMessageAI is a Completely Free and Open Source Cold Message writer which harnesses the power of GPT to write hyper-personalized messages. Personalized messages are more likely to get replies than cookie cutter ones. But hand-writing them is tiring, so we've automated this process.
Also created a completely free ColdMessage AI Chrome extension which does the whole process on linkedIn for free.

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Extension YouTube Demo
08 Aug 2023

An app to track and spot bots.

WorkAround GPT [3000+ DAU]
10 Jul 2023

Disclaimer: I've sold this extension to a private investor and no longer control it.

A tool that enables users to workaround restrictions imposed on ChatGPT.

Censorship by ChatGPT can sometimes lead to limited or censored results, but WorkaroundGPT provides a solution by offering the latest jailbreaks that bypass these restrictions.

It's time consuming to scour forums for latest workaround yourself and there's a good possibility that the prompt you find might already be patched. Hence, users can use this extension where I'll do all the legwork for you.

YouTube Demo
Source Code
10 Mar 2023

A simple app to create and try out flashcards.

17 Jan 2023

A game involving Stable Diffusion and Wordle.
02 Aug 2020

App for bloggers to generate headlines based on keywords. Completely Obsolete with the arrival of GPT.

Source Code
02 Mar 2020

Inspired By alecrocute's flaskSaas. I've noticed SaaS bootstraps/boilerplates being sold upwards of $1,000 per year and I think that's ridiculous. This project will be my attempt to make a great starting point for your next big business as easy and efficent as possible.

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